Below is a sample of other audio, print work during my time in Asia:

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Top Chinese Fishery Firm Ensnared in Subsidiary’s Legal Row With Bank, March 10 2016 Read article

Corporate Earnings Point to Malaise in Chinese Listed Seafood Firms, March 2 2016 China’sRead article

Water Clean-up Brings Mixed Blessings to Fish Farmers –Read article

AgriMarine’s Future Bright in China Read article

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Stop the Agricultural Rot, South China Morning Post, September 1 2015 – download article as pdf

Subsidies Stunt Growth of Chinese Farms, South China Morning Post, June 29 2015 – download article as pdf


China’s Meat Firms Invest in Pig Herd Growth, Feb 26 2016 read article

China’s First Welfare Code for Feed Lots, Slaughterhouses Due in June, Feb 10 2016 – read article

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Feature Interview: Chen Yugui, head of Chinese Institute of CPAs download article as pdf

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Social Climbing on Horseback: Equestrianism is Making Inroads in China -But Mainly as a Flashy Hobby for Status-conscious Upper-class Chinese download article as pdf

Sour Notes: Rising Costs, Low Quality May Drive China ’s Musical-instrument Industry Out of Business Before it Can Even Fine Tune Itself [July 2008]

 Seeing Red Meat: China is Foreign Cattle Farmers’ Dream Market  [February 2008]

Audio work:


Radio Telifis Eireann, Ireland’s national broadcaster

Xi Jingping’s Ireland Visit

China to Rescue Eurozone? Listen here

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Armenia’s Reactor Plans (Nov 2011) read article

Battle for Mongolia’s Uranium (Oct 09) download article as pdf businessandfinance

Taking Treasury into China download article as pdf

Irish Investment Agency “Underresourced” for China download article as pdf

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China’s Shift To Beef: Rising Consumption, Looming Shortfall In Local Herd Numbers Means China Will Rely More On Imports [July 2007] download article as pdf

Consolidation in China’s Pork Sector (feature)[April 2011] read article

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Chinese Solar Power Equipment Companies Chase Domestic Market [June 2011] Read Online

Ploughing Ahead: China’s Tractor Makers Seek New Markets Abroad, Face Stiff Foreign Competition at Home [December 2007] Read Online

The frozen Dumpling Economy download article as pdf


Form Over Substance: Hong Kong Balances Mainland Investment With Implementing Money Laundering Law  [March 2008] download article as pdf


Officials Squabble Over Location of Beijing’s New Airport [Oct 2010] download article as pdf

Facts Behind Rangoon’s New Airport Terminal [July 2010] download article as pdf


China’s Official Catholic Church Wins Souls By Accomodation, Not Confrontation With Government [May 2007]

Letter from Tashkent: Korea Uses History, Business To Battle For Influence In Central Asia [July 2006]

A Year on from the Tulip Revolution, Bishkek is Disillusioned But Still Reveling In New-found Freedoms [June 2006]

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